Glass Splashbacks

We supply and install any type of glass splashback. All of our splashbacks are professionally painted with 2pac polyurethane paint and you can choose from any Dulux colour. Simply provide us with the code of the colour you have chosen and then we will have the paint mixed and applied to the glass splashback for you.

Just remember you will be looking at the colour through the glass so it may be a little more glossy. A bright colour will use low iron glass so that you get the view of the true colour through the glass because there is no colour in the glass itself.

So head down to the local paint shop, grab some samples and take them home. To check your colour, hold them up to your wall and see what you like and then just give us the code. Again, just remember, you will be looking at it through the glass so it will be a high gloss.

If you want to find the right colour from your computer screen, click on the link here to see the full Dulux colour range.

Of course, all of our splashback panels are also made from toughened safety glass so that they can withstand the heat of cooking over time.